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Between Hope And Fire - 2019


Ewolucya - Marvinca - 2019


Gustav Academy - 2018


Feelings - Vincent Schmidt - 2015



Here is a new collaboration with an amazing contemporary dancer : Noémie Cuérel

Insomnia is the first story of a new live show 



Video made by Auréliano Ramella and lights by Armand Pochon

Single - The Climber

Here's my new single The Climber, from my thirdcoming album out next year probably. Listen and order other albums here:


I had the chance to share many beautiful moments with some climbing friends. It's a sport and a state of mind that makes you travel, I hope my music will give you that same effect. There's like a 7b in the middle of the song, which is a real nightmare, hope you'll enjoy it too.


Thank you for listening, for your love, for your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback.




Recorded and mixed by Pascal Deshayes - Royal Studios, Lausanne, CH

Mastered by Chris Matthey - Royal Studios, Lausanne, CH

Filmed by Aureliano Nano Ramella at Royal Studios, Lausanne, CH

Listen to my second album
"Between Hope And Fire" 

Vincent Schmidt's title track to his brand new album "Between Hope And Fire" is ready to rock!

A huge thank you to Aureliano Ramella for making this amazing video clip!

Listen here

Buy the physical CD or the download version on this website

Listen it on every streaming platforms

Thank you for supporting young artists!

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