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You can now join us on the adventure of the COMPOSITION Guitar Academy. The Application is live on the Apple Store! Search for :

COMPOSITION Guitar Academy!

 If you want a 1 to 1 mentor session, email us at :

Thank you!

What Is the COMPOSITION Guitar Academy ?

The COMPOSITION Guitar Academy consists of many modules, many videos of entertaining and educational content where fingerstyle acoustic guitarist Vincent Schmidt and Adrien Delamarre will take you through the foundations of composing your songs and playing solo acoustic guitar like a one-man band. The toolkit you will acquire is not only for on-stage presentations, it’ll help you in your personal playing as well for playing to your friends and family.

Imagine having the ability to not just play songs, but also compose your own creations, your ideas on your acoustic guitar with ease and freedom. Imagine being able to finally play songs, REAL songs from start to end as a solo guitar player without the need for a band, a backing track, or whatever. Being able to truly consider yourself a guitar player, bringing tears to the eyes of your loved ones - even yourself - playing songs, because you know deep down that you played it right, with heart. You know that the daily routine of practice transformed your habits for life… that’s what made you the player you are now. And you remember your past self : « I will never play like that », « I’m not good enough », « it will never work », .. and knowing that time is now over.

Your acoustic guitar is a very powerful instrument with so many options to play with. Yet when was the last time you asked yourself how to use it to its fullest potential? Once and for all, learn how to master your instrument. No stone will be left unturned. We will dive deep down into the fondation of composition, the fondamental of storytelling, all about acoustic guitar, guitar percussions, practicing, how to perform live, and much more!

You are only as good as you want to practice. After you come through the COMPOSITION Guitar Academy, you return amplifying the best parts of the guitarist you are, improving your ability to create the music you desire and be the showman/woman you want to be. Stop playing a small version of yourself, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow the bigger version of you to shine through. Discover how to unlock your guitar playing and your potential.

How do you make the changes you always wanted to and - once and for all - consider yourself an expert in your instrument?

Vincent has been trained and has played with

Vincent is proundly endorsed by DOWINA Guitars


What will I learn?



Learn how to compose your own pieces, from start to end, the most important part of the course that allows you to compose great music!



Discover what you want to say with your music and the power of influence and connection with your audience through masterful storytelling.



Learn the foundations to master the practice. An efficient and straight practice will bring your music to life.

Performing live

Performing live

You on STAGE ? YES! This is maybe the second most important skills as a musician, improve this and you'll have super "stage" power - to make a big impact and build a strong connexion with your audience.

Percussive guitar

Percussive guitar

Learn how to destroy your guitar gloss, but make it sounds so nice. More seriously - how to include percussion on your playing.

The Basics

The Basics

Which guitars? Which picks ? Which strings ? Which gear ? All about acoustic gear will be discussed.

The Masters

The Masters

How the compositions of the masters are composed? We'll spend much time discovering how the best acoustic guitarists have create their compositions! Of course the master we're talking about is Tommy Emmanuel in this picture ;)

COMPOSITION Guitar Academy Curriculum



















Student Outcomes

Improve your confidence with your playing.
Learn everything about composition.
Do that show you've always wanted to do.
Play at your friends wedding/ birthday.
Play your compositions for your family at Christmas. 🎄
Build a strong knowledge around music and guitar.
Create your million dollar song.
Get the woaw effect playing your own compositions in front of your audience.
Become the guitar player you always wanted to be.
Learn about the famous guitar player.


Do you want to play some songs alone on the acoustic guitar?

It’s a great start to play songs by your favorite artists and expand your repertoire but it’s even better when they’re your creations.

Here is the cold hard truth about a lot of musicians - and those who dream of becoming one…We all struggle with the same issues..

1. We’re wasting days and days searching for good free content on the internet to improve our playing. We often start lessons with someone who seems good and then stop either because we're not motivated to continue alone or because the content doesn’t fit us anymore.

Even after finding someone else to give us what we’re looking for it’s the same story - after weeks or even some days, we stop and come back to the first songs we learnt with the same chords. We know that well, it was my case too.

2. We learn some scales here, some arpeggios there, a riff here, a part of a song there. But it never sounds that cool and it’s always only a small part of something - not a finished song. We’re looking for some good songs to play, some good tips for our specific problems, but we never find the solutions.

If you’re like us, the research stops when you fall on the same magical e-book that promises to teach you to play like a hero in two minutes..

We all know that’s wrong.

…sound familiar?

Whichever story you’re struggling with, we can help!

Take action now, not tomorrow, not in a week - NOW -  and you will make that change. Why now ? First, because when we don’t take action, we know how the story end : the motivation just disappears and we never take the opportunity to change.

We want to inspire real and immediate change in your life.


Why, and how, should you choose our method ?




  • We can be your coach! Yes but it's very limited. We know that learning alone is alright… but although we’re motivated at first, it’s often hard to keep going and it’s too easy to stop. Learning together is life changing. Our method really is different because we will be your personal coach during the whole process. Depending on which of the programs you choose, we’ll work together to solve every problem you have. In only 3 months, you will be able to know everything about composition, how to compose your songs on your acoustic guitar. Together, you’ll be more motivated to work because we’ll be there to help you progress, and by designing a plan just for you- we’ll work at the right speed.

  • We won’t give you tone of information. There’s no need to overwhelm you. But don’t worry, there will be great content to help you.

  • We will give you a transformation plan. From start to end. « Transformation? » is really the core of this new course. You will learn how to change the bounding beliefs that stop you from becoming a confident and expert musician. With a precise strategy - how to practice, what to practice, how much to practice, where to place your focus, how to learn from the finest musicians  - we will make real changes to your playing.  Music is not all about content, music is a mindset.

  • (Bonus) On top of the method, there will be some deep insights into how the mindsets of famous artists work and how to implant those mindsets into your routine and your life. So it won’t only be about music, it will also touch an important part of your life that will improve your creativity, your focus and your happiness.

  • (Bonus) Did you know that it’s possible to harm yourself while practicing ? We’ll speak about how to avoid the possible injuries during the practice.



Hi! I’m Vincent, I have played the guitar for 17 years. I’ve recorded three albums of my own guitar compositions in solo fingerstyle and a fourth with a band. I compose a lot of music for animation and film and also for many interviews about architecture.

I am very lucky to be endorsed by a wonderful acoustic guitar company « Dowina » and to have a special unique model that you can also have.

I have done a Bachelor degree in Jazz in Switzerland and I'm now following a Master in Music Pedagogy.

Every year, it's a pleasure for me to give a lot of shows, alone or with other musicians. Listening to, playing and composing music are the three things that have made me live my best life.


Over the last 6 years, I’ve helped create results for my clients and students and helped them how to reach their specifics goals. I built a unique strategy for guitar composer that I learned from being in the music industry for 17 years. I learned different instruments from piano to drums to saxophone and learn from the mindset of famous musicians - many of my teachers and mentors as Tommy Emmanuel, Jon Gomm, Frank Vignola, Francis Coletta to name a few.

Let's take - together - your level to the next level.



I'm waiting for YOU to be on my testimonial!

My mom has tried the lessons but she doesn't play guitar. And it's my mom, so she loved it.

My brother told me it was nice but he's a drummer and didn't know what to do about composing melodies.

So please be the guitarist that could write on this "wall" of super fame.
I'm waiting for you on the inside. ;)


A great training that opens many perspectives! With short and nice videos, everyone can go at his own pace to discover this original approach of the instrument. But it is especially the exchanges (live or video) with Vincent that are particularly interesting. Enthusiastic and open to all questions, he freely shares his "tricks", and adapts them as needed according to the possibilities and desires of each person. We play, we discover, we learn and we enrich our palette! For me, the effect was ra



A big thank you Vincent for this unique training! Your teaching, your sharing, your availability and your constant good mood make this adventure a success! Finally everything is accessible with the right method! To finish the training with a composition of your own is a bit like the icing on the cake! Thank you!!!



A big thank you Vincent, the passionate guitarist and quality teacher that you are allowed me to receive a teaching of great quality with simple but essential methods to play harmoniously and cleanly with a great pleasure without having the need of music theory. I fully recommend you as a guitar teacher!

Real Examples

Real Examples

how to practice, what to practice, how much to practice, where to place your focus, how to learn from the finest musicians

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

I'll share inspiring stories that I experienced and great lessons I learned from the masters.

Playing With Other Musicians

Playing With Other Musicians

There will be some amazing topics about playing with other people. Music is about sharing!

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-02 at 18.16.35 (1).jpeg

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!


Once you improve your ability to play, compose and arrange more effectively, this skill will serve you for the remainder of your life both personally and professionally on stage!

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You can get the COMPOSITION Guitar Academy App on your phone now! Android Application will be soon available.

All the videos are available on this website too :

Carte de crédit

Check out the COMPOSITION Guitar Academy Risk Free With 7 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Go through the course, check out the resources, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don't love it within the first 7 days of your purchase, we will refund you immediately.

No questions asked, no hard feelings.

  • I can't find the price, and where is the app?
    The application is live on Apple Store. Search for us on : COMPOSITION Guitar Academy. All the details are mentioned there. The price is 50 CHF a month for all the videos and the upcoming lessons. There is also a free course for you to try!
  • I'm not sure I can do this, I'm not a good guitar player..
    If you know the open chords, you can do this! If you don't, please learn them, there are so useful.
  • I didn't understand, do you teach one to one ?
    Yes it's really the core fondation of this course but it's extremely limited! We coach only 5 online students at a time, it can be you. If you would like us to mentor you, send us an email at : We'll have a call to see if we can work together. The lessons will be done on Zoom.
  • How long is online course ?
    Very long. lol
  • What if I don't like it ?
    Email my team within 30 days and we will give you a full refund - no questions asked - But we will be very sad tho.
  • What if I have questions ?
    You can ask some questions to the following email address : And if our editor did a good job, it'll also be possible to ask questions threw the (CGA) COMPOSITION Guitar Academy App or website.
  • Where can I watch the lessons ?
    With the application for smartphone and tablets on IOS Apple and on Google Android. All the lessons are available on a website too.
  • Vincent, do you like spaghetti ?
    If you want to know that, you need to buy the course!
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